Plans that fit your AI ambitions

From tinkerers through builders and SMBs to Enterprises, everyone can build well-performing AI Orchestrations.

AI Tinkerer

$0per month

+ 1.3x model usage costs

For AI enthusiasts looking to experiment and build their first AI agents

We want to help you get started, so we offer

  • $5 in free credit every month, equivalent to 75 million words on our lowest-cost models, or ~625 books

  • Unlimited access to cloud IDE with the newest models

  • Unlimited access to templates and integrations

  • however please note that:

  • All of your prompts are public

  • API Access is open on your public prompts

AI Builder

$69per month

+ 1.3x model usage costs

If you're building a lot, but still without a team, and want to keep it private, upgrade to AI Builder plan.

It includes everything in AI Tinkerer plus....
  • More powerful workspace

  • Private Apps

  • Private API access

  • Member support


$249per month (includes 3 seats)

+ 1.3x model usage costs

Additional seats at $99 per month

Everything in AI Builder plus....

  • Team features (sharing, version control, collaborative editing)

  • $65 in free credit every month, equivalent to 970 million words on our lowest-cost models, or ~8,125 books

  • Deployment: Private, Secrets Protection, API access

  • Groq access for faster generations

  • ‘White glove’ onboarding along with an AI consultant

  • 1 hr per month with a forward-deployed engineer who knows your use case

  • RAG Implementation Help

  • Our Founders on WhatsApp or SMS


For empowering entire organizations with an advanced AI toolkit

Everything in Company plus....

  • SOC 2, HIPAA, ISO compliance, On-prem, Geo-fencing options

  • Teams add-on included

  • ‘White glove’ onboarding for the whole team

  • Priority training and support

  • 3 person forward deployed engineering team helping with integrations and set-up of new workflows

  • Bi-monthly workshops for executives with the AI industry-specific updates by founders

  • Audit Trails

  • Our Founders always available on WhatsApp or SMS



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